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              1. News

                Introduction to roller

                Drum (Guntong), also known as drum, is widely used in various transmission systems and sorting and conveying equipment such as rotary screen printing machine, digital printer, mine conveying equipment, papermaking, packaging machinery, etc.
                The roller is a cylindrical part, which can be divided into driving roller and driven roller according to its use; it can be divided into power roller and unpowered roller according to the driving mode; the power roller can be divided into single chain wheel roller, double chain wheel roller, single o-belt roller and double-o-belt roller; the unpowered roller can be divided into internal tooth shaft roller and spring-loaded roller. According to the structure, it is divided into cylindrical drum and conical drum.
                In order to prolong the service life of the drum, the maintenance of the drum must be done well.
                1. Clean the dust and other foreign matters on the drum regularly.
                2. Regularly check whether the welding joint between drum shell and end cover is firm.
                3. Good lubrication to reduce wear loss.
                4. Avoid overload operation and prolong the service life of drum.
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