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              1. News

                Practical method for repairing roller cracking of roller crusher

                Under normal conditions, after the roller of the roller crusher is worn, the surface of the roller is not cylindrical, which forms a concave generalization with large ends and small center. At this time, the larger mud block or mud mass has the concave which can pass through the wear, and can not play the role of crushing. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the roller. There are two ways to repair the roller: in-situ cutting (grinding) repair method and in-situ surfacing repair method.
                1、 In situ surfacing
                In situ surfacing is to weld and fill the worn notch. This method is simple and useful, does not affect the production, and the hardness and wear resistance of surfacing parts are relatively good, the defect is only suitable for the roller with good weldability (such as cast steel roller). There are some matters needing attention during surfacing.
                1. The selection of surfacing strip should be appropriate, and the selection of pile 256 and pile 266 is appropriate.
                2. Small diameter bead welding strip and low current welding standard should be selected for layered surfacing. This can reduce the thermal stress and prevent severe deformation and cracks.
                3. In the process of surfacing welding, it is necessary to check the surfacing parts with a straight edge template to ensure that the overall dimensions are qualified.
                4. The grounding of electric welding machine shall be directly laid on the roller, not on the shaft, so as to prevent the current from flowing through the rolling bearing, causing sparks and burning damage to the surface of the rolling body and raceway of the bearing.
                2、 In situ cutting (grinding) method
                The operation method of local cutting (grinding) method is: a special tool rest is installed on the frame of crusher, and the moving track should be parallel to the axis of roller. When repairing, start the crusher and use manual feed Organization (active feed organization can also be selected if conditions permit) to cut the roller.
                1. The tool carrier running track is parallel to the axis of the roller to prevent the taper after cutting and affect the crushing effect.
                2. Control the movement speed of the roller. The linear speed on the surface of the roller should not exceed the allowable cutting speed of the cutting tool, otherwise, the speed reduction method should be adopted to prevent the tool from being damaged.
                3. As for the high hardness roller, cutting can not be processed. At this time, the grinding head can be selected to grind according to the cutting method.
                3、 Open repair method
                The repair method after dismantling is to take apart all the rollers and shafts together, and use them on the machine after turning and repairing. This method has a lot of work and long downtime, but it is convenient and thorough to repair.
                The roller crusher is a kind of crushing equipment. Its feed particle size is relatively small, and the discharge particle size is fine. It is mainly used for secondary crushing in stone production line. It is suitable for crushing medium and hard materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, building materials, refractories and other industrial sectors.
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